The Partitive Article In French


The Partitive Article

The partitive article is used for unspecified amounts of uncountable nouns. In English, it can translate to "some", but it's often just omitted. Remember that du is a contraction of de + le and that partitives can elide.
GenderPartitive ArticleExample
MasculineduJe mange du poisson. — I am eating fish.
Femininede laJe mange de la viande. — I am eating meat.
Elided l'Je mange de l'ananas. — I am eating pineapple.
Elided l'Je bois de l'eau. — I am drinking water.

Nouns almost never appear without articles in French, so articles must be repeated in serial lists.
  • Il cuisine du poisson et de la viande — He cooks fish and meat.

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